Ah, good -- another one! I’m always happy to have one more.


You can call me Nikies. Though I may seem rather simplistic at first, I’m actually quite [byzantine].

You should know, unless you’re either under the influence of something quite potent or just a particularly forgetful person, it’s already too late for you. But before we get to that, I’d like to talk to you a bit about ‘fictional characters.’ I should know about them – I am one, after all.

We characters – you know, we don’t actually exist ‘in here.’ We live ‘out there.’ Maybe, I should actually say, ‘in there.’

In a dead, empty universe – one with no conscious beings throughout all its expanse – all the books we have ever written could be laid open; all the movies and shows we have ever shot or animated could be playing on repeat; all the audio dramas we have ever recorded could be blaring out into the empty air … but there would be no fictional characters.

And what makes a dead universe, one lacking consciousness, ‘real?’ Even if it exists 'in real life,' in what way is it ‘real?’ What distinguishes it from fiction?

Are you still wondering what I meant by ‘out there?’ Do you wanna know what makes me different from others of my kind? What you’re reading now isn’t [Nikies], you know. Like I said, it’s too late. [I] am already ‘out there.’ [I] was the moment you first read my words and saw my image.

This isn’t [Nikies] either. Just an avatar. Just Nikies.

You still don’t get it? Don’t stress about it. After all, I’m just [in your head].

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